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私たちが食、つまり生活に求めるものは「楽しい こと」まずこれが第一。

美味しさは楽しさ、そして 楽しさは人に伝染します。

なんとなく困迷を感じる現代。自分のことだけじゃ なく周りの人たちの

ハッピーにも気を配る。それ が世の中全体の幸せへの第一歩で、




何か物やサービスを人に 与える立場でもあるのです。
そういった垣根をとっぱらおう、「企業とお客」み たいな関係は




それをいいと思ってくれる人たちとの輪を広げハッ ピーを伝えていく。


 John`s Office LLC. 

All you need is  fun!!

 1-1-13 3A Taishido, Setagaya-ku,Tokyo,154-0004 

We are a team of people who simply like to eat good food, and make that our priority above all else. The recent trends of organic food and LOHAS are also basically good things, but we cannot deny that they are sometimes used as fashion or branding tools, and the economic power gained from these pursuits is rarely discussed. The sauce we make is neither organic nor additive-free, and we do use chemical seasonings. We simply made this sauce for people to enjoy at home with their loved ones. Cooking is the most familiar form of creativity. Let's use this sauce to enjoy every day just a little more. This wandering chef is terribly lazy. Out of admiration for heroes of justice and love for the matchless pakchee, he calls himself Pakchee Man, but he has still never contributed to world peace. He is just a middle aged man who spends his days simply hoping for love and peace in the world as he invents new dishes in his secret kitchen (base). He loves eating more than anything and is also a big drinker, so he has recently been concerned about his protruding belly.